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Cathy Rehl:            Hi everybody.  Welcome to this afternoon’s call.  If you’re on the East Coast, I hope you are keeping warm.  I hope you enjoyed our live wedding this past weekend and our trip to South Korea.  And today we have Elise Mosca with us, M-O-S-C-A.  And she was one of the groups that had to the chance to dance with the pop group.  But at the end of the night, didn’t end up receiving a rose along with Lauren from Juan Pablo.  And she’s here to talk about that and to talk about whether there was anything she could have done to change that. 


                              We will take a question and a follow-up from each person and then keep going around.  We can start taking questions now. 


Operator:               Your first question comes from the line of (inaudible).


Female:                  Hi Elise, how are you doing?


Elise Mosca:          Hi great, how are you?


Female:                  I’m good.  So Juan Pablo made a decision not to kiss any girls on the night of his second group date this week.  Ultimately denying Rene and Lauren kisses but then he ended up kissing Claire anyways.  Do you understand where he was coming from at that point that maybe he just got caught up in the moment with Claire?  Or do you think he was king of looking for an excuse not to kiss someone like Lauren because maybe he just wasn’t really into those girls?


Elise Mosca:          Right.  That was an interesting moment for sure.  I think that Juan Pablo definitely had already kissed Claire. So he was saying he didn’t want to add to the list of kissing girls.  So you know as far as talking about the fact that he didn’t want to do it because of his daughter, I think that he had already kissed six girls, he was trying to keep his number low.  And you know, he did let down Lauren easily that way.  But at the same time he was in the clear.  He kissed her on that first date and you know he was going to keep it at that.


Female:                  OK and Chris Harrison suggested, the kissing situation won’t be the last time that Juan Pablo sends mixed signals to the girls and kind of changes the rules in the middle of the game.  I guess what are your thoughts on that?  And would say that Juan Pablo was a little bit acting like a hypocrite I guess, like saying one thing and doing another, or?


Elise Mosca:          I think that it’s a tough situation for Juan Pablo or any bachelor involved because you do have a ton of girls.  And you know you’re going to be attracted to who you’re going to be attracted to.  I think that you know what else is he going to say to Lauren if he didn’t want to kiss her, he didn’t was to kiss her.  And I think that it is like, Chris Harrison said, it is a little misleading here and there.  But at the end of the day he’s the one who makes the decision and if he doesn’t want to kiss any other girls then that is what he wants to do.  I mean it’s his decision, so I don’t know, it’s a tough one. 


Female:                  I know.  OK, thank you Elise. 


Operator:               Your next question comes from the line of Carrie Bell.


Carrie Bell:             Good morning Elise.  I wondered when you left, you said that you did not; you know that you didn’t feel like your mother would have wanted you to be around such bad people.  And I’m wondering if you regret saying that, if you still feel like that was a valid statement.  And you know if so, who was that directed at and why?


Elise Mosca:          Yes.  I am a very positive person.  And so was my mother.  And some of the girls in the house were the opposite of positive.  And they would complain about everything, they were very disrespectful to the staff.  And to me that was a not so good trait.  And I’m very grateful for the experience.  And I was sad to be around certain girls who couldn’t appreciate those wonderful things that were right in front of us being in South Korea and this amazing hotel.  And you know that negativity just, it was pulling my energy.  And I try to be a positive person, I just didn’t want to be around that, so that’s what I meant by that. 


Carrie Bell:             Was it a specific girl, I mean if you tell who you had directed that at?  Or I mean I’m guessing I’s Nikki for one because she’s been sort of …


Elise Mosca:          Right, yes.  Yes, well, I guess you could start with Nikki.  Yes Nikki definitely were different people.  Nikki and I got along but her sarcasm is sometime extremely negative with negative words, you know.  And I don’t handle myself that way, even if in a sarcastic manner. I’m very grateful for everything, you know, have this wonderful food, and this wonderful experience and this beautiful place, you know and different continent.  So as far as the way that she would act about things, I just didn’t agree with. 


Carrie Bell:             You think that, because he seems to like her.  I mean he gave her the rose on the date and so do you think he’s just not seeing it nor do you think that it doesn’t bother him?


Elise Mosca:          I think that from the last episode I watched, the one in South Korea, he definitely didn’t see that.  She showed that she put on a happy face during; when her time was with him but with us she’d be you know with a frown in the bus and saying things to us like she hated it and stuff like that.  So for her to turn to him and say, “Oh the date was great.”  I mean, yes, it was definitely, she definitely was not showing the same reaction that she was giving the girls that she was giving to Juan Pablo.


Carrie Bell:             Well great, thank you.


Elise Mosca:          Thanks. 


Operator:               Your next question comes from the line of Lori Peters.


Lori Peters:            Hi Elise, how are you today?


Elise Mosca:          Great, how are you doing Lori?


Lori Peters:            Good.  So, how did you feel getting up on stage and dancing with this 21 dance that was so popular?


Elise Mosca:          Oh my gosh.  Getting on stage with 21 in South Korea, in Asia in a continent I’ve never been to, it was incredible and it was really beyond my wildest dreams because I never though I’d be dancing on a famous pop star group with five floors of fans.  It was just intense and a moment that I’ll never forget.  I loved every second of it. 


Lori Peters:            And how did you, you seem to really like, like how they dressed you and they do your hair up and everything?


Elise Mosca:          Yes, I embrace every situation but I was so excited for them to dress us up.  You know the put out the wardrobe, we got the dancing lessons then we had the hair and make-up, that is just totally fun and I just was just embracing every single second.  And I love watching it back. It was just the coolest opportunity. 


Lori Peters:            That’s great that you had a really good experience.  Thank you. 


Elise Mosca:          Thanks.


Operator:               Your next question comes from the line of Evan Real.


Evan Real:             Hey Elise how’s it going?


Cathy Rehl:            Excuser me on second, (Kara) can you let us know who the, what outlet it is.  I know Evan you’re from In-Touch, so go ahead.


Evan Real:             OK.  Hi Elise how’s it going?


Elise Mosca:          Hi Evan great, how are you?


Evan Real:             I’m doing well.  Obviously on the show and you kind of just mentioned this, Nikki, is you know stirring up a lot of trouble among the women.  The women seem to be kind of turning on her.  What are like some examples of like the ways that Nikki has rubbed you all the wrong way and how exactly how different was she in front of the women than she was in front of Juan Pablo?


Elise Mosca:          Yes, Nikki again, I’ll state that you know, we’re definitely different people.  I, you know, as far as myself being you know a positive person, everything and every experience that comes to me, I embrace it and I am so grateful, like extremely grateful.  And Nikki literally is the polar opposite.  Every experience that was coming in front of her, she was seeing the worst about it, complaining about the hotel room and complaining about the date, you know.  Losing my mother, I have been through the worst.  So to say that a group date is the worst moment of her life, that was very hurtful to me.  Because I mean, that to me is like a great moment.  And so when she would say things like you know she, I mean really disgusting things.


                              Things that I wouldn’t even want to repeat because it’s so negative that, the girls, we were just so confused because we’re all embracing the moment.  And for her to come in there and complain about it, it when you know we’re all enjoying it, it just seems so, so ungrateful and it just rubbed us the wrong way for sure.  But you know at the end of the day, Nikki and I got along but we’re just different people.  I just don’t, I don’t tend to complain about anything because I know it could always be worse.  And she seems to think that it was always the worst thing ever.  And so that was just definitely different on our level of personality. 


Evan Real:             And it seems like Juan Pablo is like genuinely enjoying his like one-on-one time with Nikki.  So do you think that maybe Nikki has him fooled a bit?


Elise Mosca:          Oh, I definitely think Nikki at this point, episode 4 had him fooled.  Because she’s not showing, when Juan Pablo clearly asked, “Did you have fun today.”  She says, “Yes.”  But she clearly says, it was the worst moment of her life.  So that’s probably, that’s actually an outright lie.  You know, so he’s obviously not getting the full picture at that moment.  I don’t know how it continues from there.  I don’t know maybe she gets a little more honest with him.  But I sure hope so, because if that’s how she acts in her daily life and you know and things keep going on, I just hope that you know they could see each other’s true colors. 


Evan Real:             Great.  All right thank you.


Elise Mosca:          Thanks Evan.


Operator:               Your next question, you have a follow-up question from the line of Beth Kwiatowski Reality TV World. 


Beth Kwiatowsk:  Hi Elise. 


Elise Mosca:          Hi.


Beth Kwiatowsk:  You were really confident that you were going to get a one-on-one date over Chelsea earlier in the season.  Do you think, had you gotten that one-on-one date with Juan Pablo, things might have turned out differently for you.  Do you think you got eliminated because he really didn’t get much of a chance to get to know you?


Elise Mosca:          Yes, absolutely.  I think that I was really excited to have the time to get to know each other.  And I felt like we had a lot in common and I was really excited to get a one-on-one date.  And then that I didn’t have that one-on-one time, I really don’t think that he really got to know me and I really got know him.  So yes, I was disappointed to not have it but you know things work out the way they do and you know I still had a great experience. 


Beth Kwiatowsk:  OK and during a recent episode, the show featured you saying numerous times that you thought Chelsea was kind of a baby.  However, one bachelor I pointed out that I think she’s only year younger than you or something like that.  Could you explain why you thought Chelsea is being much more younger, more immature than you?  And I guess what do you think of Cassandra, because she’s obviously the youngest girl in the cast but you know she does have a child at home and what not. 


Elise Mosca:          Absolutely.  So Chelsea is a great girl.  She’s so sweet and I actually think she will be a great mom, one day.  But as far as why I said that she’s so young because her actions, she likes to be goofy which is fine.  She’s very young to me than I guess means that you know the difference between her and Cassandra is even though Cassandra is 21, she actually had to grow very fast because she has a child.  And so I think that one day Chelsea will be a great mom.  At this point, I thought that she’s very young to inherit a stepdaughter but at the same time both Chelsea and Cassandra are very sweet girls.  One had to grow up sooner than the other and I think that Chelsea just likes to have fun at this point.  And so I really like Chelsea so I just think that one day she will be a great mother. 


Beth Kwiatowsk:  OK. And during the group date in which you had to pose with the dogs for charity, you made the smart move and switched the revealing sign costume with Lucy’s.  But after the episode aired, Chris Harrison wrote in his blog that Andy’s decision to model the signs made a big impression on Juan Pablo because they were able to kind of share an intimate moment in which he comforted her and such.  So what are you thoughts on that and do you regret switching now because Chris Harrison mentioned that it might have been a moment you probably wished you could have gotten back?


Elise Mosca:          You know, I definitely say that I always stand by you know my strong beliefs and my morals and I’m very true to myself.  And you know if I’m going to be with somebody, I just feel as though you know I’m going to be who I am and I’m not going to change that.  So I still would stand by it. I do think that I didn’t get to have as much time with him because of it.  So you know that kind of stinks that I didn’t get to spend time but I think it all works out the way it’s supposed to.  And when you are the person you are, then you know you can’t, you can’t (stare at) yourself wrong.  So I don’t regret it and I’m glad I did what I did. 


Beth Kwiatowsk:  OK, thanks Elise. 


Elise Mosca:          Thanks.


Operator:               Your next question comes from the line of Amanda Hamilton Sy


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  Hi Elise. 


Elise Mosca:          Hi. How are you?


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  Good how are you?


Elise Mosca:          Good, how are you doing?


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  So Charlene still seems to be really unsure of Juan Pablo and last night was the first time or Monday night was the first time that we really started to see her kind of show a little more interest in him.  What are your thoughts about her still being in the house and her feelings for Juan Pablo, now that you’re seeing the episode? 


Elise Mosca:          Yes, now that I’ve seen the episodes, from watching the show, it seems that Charlene and Juan Pablo really have chemistry together that I never could understand because I never really actually could see it.  So, I think that you know it is interesting to see how you know they’re growing this chemistry for each other.  But you know I really like Charlene and I think that she’s being very open and honest about her feelings then it’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. 


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  And recently, a story came out about you and it’s calling you a party girl and saying that you used to hook up with Mike, the Situation from Jersey Shore.  Do you have any comment on how much of that is true?


Elise Mosca:          Oh well.  As far as myself being a party girl, I would say that’s not true at all.  I don’t have a steady income right now so I do have to you know, from my leave from being teaching, I do have to work.  So I do have temporary jobs here and there but other than that, I like to cozy up and just read and you know and study.  So really, I think that’s funny that the comments are like that. 


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  And have you ever had any sort of relationship with the Situation from Jersey Shore? 


Elise Mosca:          With Mike, the Situation, I cast him for the show the Jersey Shore and yes we were friends. 


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  OK, thank you so much. 


Elise Mosca:          Thank you.


Operator:               We have a follow-up question from the line of Lori Peters with New York Splash. 


Lori Peters:            Oh hi Elise. 


Elise Mosca:          Hi.


Lori Peters:            So Juan Pablo has said that he used to meet girls like just out in clubs dancing.  And this is a totally different experience.  So what kind of dater would you describe him as, like if you were to meet him at this club as opposed to meeting him like this?


Elise Mosca:          That’s an interesting question.  That is interesting because Juan Pablo is you know he likes to dance and I think that you know he’s a good dancer.  So you know I don’t think, I don’t know that situation, if I saw him in a club, I don’t know if that necessarily be where I’d meet someone because I don’t tend to use that for a hobby.  But I think that you know he’s an attractive guy, he’s magnetic and confident.  So I think that you know if he approached me to hang out in a (friendly) situation wherever we’d be out, I would definitely hang out with him for sure. 


Lori Peters:            OK, and as far as like he seems to kind of like to test the girls, like showing up and surprising them in make up and if Nikki said she doesn’t want to eat octopus and then he had her eat octopus.  Is there any other situations where you think he’s like testing people? 


Elise Mosca:          Yes, you know it’s funny that you say that because I hadn’t thought about it like that but you’re right.  He is kind of testing people just to you know see how people react.  You know I think that he wants’ to see how you can handle yourself when you’re uncomfortable and stepping out of the box.  And I think that’s, I think that’s OK to see how people are outside of their comfort zone.  So I think that it hasn’t been you know anything dangerous or anything inappropriate.  So I think that stepping out of the box is definitely a good thing to see how people react.  So I think it’s an interesting approach and I think it’s kind of cool. 


Lori Peters:            All right thank you.


Operator:               You have a follow-up question from the line of Carrie Bell with People.


Carrie Bell:             Hi Elise.  OK, so now that you have either the hindsight of the situation and you’ve actually seen you know the episodes and you’ve seen more of him and how he is with other people.  Do you think that like, are you sort of happy and good with the decision that you know were eliminated or do you think that you know you guys could have really had something or do you kind of look back at it and say, “No, we weren’t really have been good together.”


Elise Mosca:          You know, I’m a very positive person and I feel like good comes out of every experience.  So I definitely was disappointed to not to get to know each other better.  And I wish that we had more time to bet to know each other because I think that you know without having that one on one time it’s very difficult to do.  So I feel like if we did have more one on one time, we could get to know each other better.  I think that everything kind of happens when it’s supposed to and how it’s supposed to.  So you know I’m happy with the outcome at this point.  But I definitely think you know just having that one on one date definitely would have, we’d get to know each other better.  So I would have really liked to have that to see if we could have got along.  But watching you know, it’s interesting but you just don’t know.  So I’m just going to say that everything happens the way it’s supposed to. 


Carrie Bell:             But I mean if you see the way he’s sort of -- I mean because I think when you watch the show you’re getting more of like his side of things or you know who he is or what, you’re seeing like what kinds of things in other people he is appreciating or liking or comments that he makes it up.  So you think, does it line up that you’re like, “Oh yes, that’s a guy I could have seen myself with as a husband.”


Elise Mosca:          You know, I think that watching it, I think the one on one time he does get, you see him connecting with certain girls.  And I think it makes more sense than from when you know he went on one on one but you don’t know what they discussed.  So it’s good to see.  I just feel like we never had enough time.  We had these little chats quickly.  I feel like we never actually enjoyed each others company totally just together.  So but as far as seeing how he is, I mean obviously, he you know he’s definitely you know friendly with all of the girls but I just, I don’t know. At this point, like I said, I feel like I went home right when I was supposed to because like we didn’t have that time.  So as far as being how he’s acting, I still wouldn’t know because that’s still how he acted. I just would need that one on one time to determine if we could really have something.  So even watching I still don’t know if we would really hit it off.


Carrie Bell:             And then my other question is, what do you, I mean, if you kind of look at the girls, you know from your side of things because obviously you know we can’t know what know what he’s been doing.  From your side of things, who do you see as sort of right for him or you know, do you think, are the front runners, maybe that’s a better way of putting it.


Elise Mosca:          You know from right now up into this point, watching the show, I think he really seems to have this chemistry with Charlene.  I don’t necessarily know if they’re right for each other because they are so different but sometimes opposites attract.  So who would I like him to be with and who I think he will be with might be two different things.  But I think that you know I love Renee.  I think that Renee would be able to embrace being a stepmother.  And so I think that she’s a great mother, she’s a sweet person but I’m not really sure what Juan Pablo really is looking for.


Carrie Bell:             You said Charlene which I think is interesting because I do think that they appear to have a good chemistry.  They appear to be you know I do believe also opposites can attract.  Although her whole thing about not really wanting kids.


Elise Mosca:          Right.


Carrie Bell:             It’s very opposite of everything he has ever said to anyone in the world. 


Elise Mosca:          Absolutely.


Carrie Bell:             It seems like he’s ready to have kids like tomorrow.


Elise Mosca:          Yes.


Carrie Bell:             So do you think that he’s maybe letting the attraction and the intrigue like (inaudible) cloud division right now on her?


Elise Mosca:          Yes, I think you know that there usually is like a deal breaker for this.  And it’s like, “OK, do you want kids or do you not.”  And that that should be, but I think that they do have this like lustful chemistry that’s like you know.  In the moment they feel it’s right but it’s not necessarily right forever.  So I think that you know that’s kind of interesting because that’s kind of the problem with guys.  Sometimes they’re in the moment and they’re not thinking about what’s good for the long term.  And you know, but again, I do think they have chemistry.  I think Charlene is very a magnetic person as well in a different way. So I think that their chemistry definitely is really cool to see but again as for the long term, I don’t think it works.


Female:                  Right.  OK, great thank you. 


Elise Mosca:          Thanks.


Operator:               You have a follow-up question from the line of Amanda Hamilton Sy


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  You just talked about who you feel you’d like to see Juan Pablo end up with.  And you’ve obviously talked about who you may be didn’t like in the house.  But is there anybody in the house that you feel is just not there for the right reasons, not there for Juan Pablo?


Elise Mosca:          I mean with that said, the right reason?  I mean what are the, you know, the right reasons. I think that if Charlene doesn’t want kids and she walked in knowing he has a stepdaughter that’s pretty interesting.  I really like Charlene.  So, you know and the fact that she has been so resistant that kind of gets frustrating when there are people that a hundred percent want kids. But at the same time, I think that every girl in the house you know is open to finding love.  I don’t know everybody specific right reasons but you know if you don’t want kids and you know Juan Pablo has a child, I think that’s pretty interesting. 


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  And the women feel Claire is possessive on Juan Pablo but he seems to be, he seems to have some chemistry with her and really like to be around her obviously we’ve seen.  Do you think their match is more potential love or just lust?


Elise Mosca:          Well Claire was lucky enough to get that first one on one date.  So that I think kind of put her in a better spot because you know he obviously is excited to fall in love.  So when he goes on his first one-on-one date, you know that’s going to stick with him and that kind of was the first real feeling, that was the first kiss.  And if the first kiss flopped then he might not have kept going on with his feelings but it didn’t.  So I think that he’s not trying, he knows he has to send girls home.  So he’s trying to build it on whatever he has.  So I think she had that advantage, having that first date and but you know it just seem that they really do have something that they like about each other.  So we’ll see where it goes. 


Amanda Hamilton Sy:  OK, thank you. 


Cathy Rehl:            We’ll take one more question, if there is one.


Operator:               And you have a follow-up question from the line of Beth Kwiatowski Reality TV World.


Beth Kwiatowski:  Hi Elise.  So you’ve talked a little bit about both Nikki can Claire and I guess do you think jealousy plays any role on how the two girls might appear to the other bachelorettes with rubbing them the wrong way and such.  Because obviously those two girls are definitely getting a lot of attention from one. 


Elise Mosca:          You know what to be honest, I have to say absolutely now.  I don’t think that the differences these girls are having with Claire and Nikki in the house have anything to do with jealousy.  I think that their actions are the reason that the other girls in the house are feeling a certain type of way about them.  It just so happens that they’re the ones that you know are getting roses and one-on-one time and that’s very frustrating.  But I wouldn’t say that the other girls in the house are jealous of it.  I think that it’s very frustrating to see those two act a certain way with the girls and then act a certain way with him.  And I think that’s been said.  But I don’t you know, I think people are just confused because their negativity and their insecurities are very not attractive to the other girls.  So when it’s attractive to Juan Pablo, that’s confusing because it might not be attractive to the girls in the house.  So I don’t think it’s a jealousy thing.  I think it’s a confusion and not what seeing Juan Pablo sees in them. 


Beth Kwiatowski:  OK, and you’ve mentioned a few things about Claire’s connection with Juan Pablo.  I guess what was you general opinion and perspective on her.  Because it seems like some of the girls are poking fun at her for being very like exaggerative and I don’t know things like that. 


Elise Mosca:          I think that Claire, you know she’s a nice girl, she has good intentions.  She does want to fall in love but she is a little bit on edge.  She you know is older than most of the girls.  And I feel like she might feel as though, she might be entitled to fall in love because of that or whatever it may be.  But at the end of the day, you know they are having connections, they are.  So you know the situation is high pressuring for everyone.  And I think that different people handle it in different ways.  I think that they’re definitely going to handle it differently with him.  I would but then that’s just, that’s you know starting with 27 personalities and everyone living in a house, you’re going to have that.  So I just think that you know her feelings are strong and she definitely shows it. 


Beth Kwiatowski:  OK, and then there’s then been rumors circulating out there that Juan Pablo is kind of on the show just to get famous and make some money, not so much to really find love.  I guess what’s your response to that and did you get the vibe he was sincerely there to find a wife. 


Elise Mosca:          You know as far as Juan Pablo wanting to find a wife, I feel like he does have a daughter.  I would hope that he really does want to fall in love.  If you know him be coming on the show leads to other opportunities, I know that he’s obviously not opposed to it but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.  I think that if he finds his wife on here, great. If he doesn’t that’s OK too.  I think that he has good intentions but you know it’s not 100 percent promise when you walk into any situation, it’s going to turn out that way.  So you know I hope the best for him.  I hope that he does fall in love and find this mother for Camilla even though she’s already had a stepmother.  But you know I don’t personally know, we’ve never discussed that.  And so you know I really hope that his intentions are that.  I think that you know he interacts very sweet with his daughter and you know love is something I think everyone wants.  Whether they’re trying to be (successsful) or not, so.


Beth Kwiatowski:  OK, thank you Elise. 


Cathy Rehl:            Thank you everybody. I think that’ll do it for today.  There’s certainly photo’s up on ABC Media net.  If you have any problems, let us know, email us, either myself or Mitch Messinger or (Phyllis Lu) at Warner Brothers and otherwise we will hopefully see you next week.


Operator:               Thank you.  This does concludes today conference call, you may now disconnect.